Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cars parked on the street mean he is dying....

It's not a joke.
He's dying.
It's my neighbor.
It won't be long now....

Cars don't park on our street.  Not for very long anyway.
Some HOA rule.
So when you see cars in front of a house for a while.
It means somethings up.....
He's been fighting it for a few years.
chemo, remission, health, a set back, diagnosis, chemo....
and now the end.
It looks like it will be this week; that is the whisper.
My heart breaks everyday.
Everytime I look at their house and see the cars...
I wonder, are they hugging, crying, waiting, does he know they love him?
Is he comfortable? are the nurses kind to him? does he know where he's going when he leaves here?
will she cope?
His newborn grand babies will never know him.
They are just entering the world,
and he is leaving.

It happens everyday.  I know that... but I don't see that.
Its easy to not know what you don't see.

When you see people, it's easy to snap judge.
But what we don't and can't see is what is going on behind their four walls.
Maybe they aren't healthy.  Maybe they were so happy.  Maybe she will be peaceful.
Maybe she will fall apart.
And that's the beginning. 
To think with empathy, 
to look at people we meet with that phrase etched in our minds. 
I'm trying it.  I work at it.

It's these small lessons that make the most difference in my everyday life.  
My small glimpse of their world slaps me aware.
That I have no idea what people battle.
So I will do my very best to be kinder, more patient, and give more.  

Because we all have some kind of fight going on... 
and we have to be willing to have a little understanding, a touch of patience, and a helping hand.

Cars parked on the street.....
They remind me that life lessons are everywhere.

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